Licensee Opportunities

A profitable business model based on a proven product with a strong global brand

As a global leader in stolen vehicle recovery technology, LoJack offers Licensees a unique system for combating vehicle theft. The LoJack® System is a stolen vehicle recovery platform based on proven Radio Frequency tracking technology that integrates with Law Enforcement and has demonstrated more than 25 years of success around the world. In addition to the societal benefits that LoJack provides, LoJack offers our partners a profitable business model built upon a strong global brand, proven technology and flexible partnership options for meeting the needs of specific markets.

We are looking to expand our technology into non-licensed territories in several parts of the world. If you are interested in becoming a LoJack partner, please complete the contact form and a LoJack representative will contact you.



Frequently Asked Questions For International Licensee Candidates


What is the LoJack core technology?

The LoJack technology is based on Radio Frequency (RF), an effective technology for tracking and recovering mobile assets with “last mile” precision, helping law enforcement or tracking teams pinpoint a vehicle or asset to an actual location and not a general area. RF will likely continue to be the most effective underlying technology for mobile asset recovery systems.


What is the difference between Radio Frequency technology and GPS/GSM?

Radio Frequency technology offers “last mile” tracking. The signal is effective through shipping containers, underground garages, and heavily wooded areas, as it does not rely on line-of-sight to a satellite like GPS/GSM signals. RF technology is also much less susceptible to signal jamming, which is becoming an increasing problem in many markets.

We do appreciate the benefits of GPS/GSM for other applications and offer products that incorporate the best of RF technology and GPS/GSM in one box.


Where is LoJack looking for licensees?

Please click here for a list of our existing licensed territories.

We are looking to expand our technology into non-licensed territories around the globe where theft is a problem.


What is the initial investment required for a LoJack license?

The initial investment varies by territory and market conditions. Initial investments include a one-time technology license fee, an upfront cost to build out the network and funding to establish and maintain operations until a territory becomes commercially active.


What do I get when I purchase a LoJack license?

  • Full authorization to exclusively market LoJack’s brand, technology and products in the license territory.
  • A team of LoJack personnel, experienced in all facets of the business, for operational support and advice.
  • An engineering-focused training program, both at our Canton Headquarters and at your site, where your RF engineering team can learn all facets of our technology and infrastructure.


What is the term of a LoJack license?

The term of a LoJack license is 5 years with renewal for two successive 5-year terms subject to terms and conditions.


How long does the application and screening process take?

The time required to apply for a LoJack licence depends on a number of factors. Due to the nature of our business and in order to qualify our potential partners, we have a rigorous qualification process. We require business plans from our potential partners detailing how the LoJack business will be commercialized in the specified territory as well as extensive research on theft, recovery and market analysis.

Once this research has been evaluated, an extensive background check is undertaken on the potential partners. Subject to favorable results, a terms sheet will be signed in order for the partner to officially represent LoJack in its governmental, police and commercial negotiations.

The time taken from signing a license agreement to becoming commercially operational depends on how quickly the specific radio frequency can be obtained in the territory. In many countries this is an undefined process. Our LoJack Governmental Relations Director will be on hand to assist you through this procedure.


How long does it take to roll out the necessary infrastructure before becoming commercially operational?

After obtaining the frequency license from the region’s Telecommunications Agency, the time then depends on the size and scope of the market. However, it is our experience that a partner can often have a strong network installed within 6 months in order to start a revenue stream.